Suffolk Partnership is now Healthy Suffolk! A new name for a new era of helping Suffolk residents lead a more healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

To advance wellness and livability in the city of Suffolk.

Our Vision

A community where all citizens are healthy.

Testimonials from Around Suffolk

I try to raise my kids to be healthy. To pray, exercise, eat healthy, be kind to their selves and others. When a community is doing the same thing, it sure makes a parents job easier. My kids and I participated in the Suffolk, Va vs Suffolk, England contest and enjoyed it very much! We also ran the 5k Saturday morning. I am very proud of my community and happy to be raising my kids in Suffolk! I hope this spreads to communities everywhere! Anything my family can ever to do help Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community we will be volunteering.
Serena, Program Participant
Just wanted to thank you again for your visit. The students can’t stop talking about it! I’ve displayed the pictures (of the Persimmons) in the hall & we’re anxiously awaiting the ripening.
Brenda, Teacher
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