Suffolk On The Move

What is SOTM?

Suffolk on the Move is an initiative to:

Create a greater awareness of a broader definition of “active living”.

Include all activity that requires additional movement.

Educate community members regarding personal and community health benefits of an “active” lifestyle.

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SOTM Walking Programs

What we Do
Types of Walking Programs
How It Works
What we Do
Whether you move fast or slow, are in shape or out of shape, we want you to get up and start moving. Take one step at a time. We believe that moving makes you happier and healthier. By adding a few extra steps per day, you can transform your outlook, your health, and your life!
Types of Walking Programs
Business Challenge

Let us help you invest in the fitness and well-being of your employees! A walking program will translate into meaningful returns for you and your business.

School Challenge

The fitness of students has an impact on the health, attendance and active learning of each child. With many balls to juggle during the day, the Suffolk on the Move program can help you provide fun, walking activities within the physical reach of all students.


Churches/Organizations Challenge

The fitness of individuals affects our families, our communities and our lives. A fit person is more healthy and vibrant. Suffolk on the Move can help you and your organization build a program geared to your special community.

How It Works

Setting up your program is quick and easy. Our Suffolk on the Move Coordinator will work with you to create a walking program developed for your goal and specs. Pick your own start date, goals, routes, and team challenges.


Employee communication is a key part of your company program. We provide email templates to make announcements easy. Our kickoff helps build excitement and drive participation.


Once your walking program is ready to go, Individual walkers put their name on a visible poster and can start logging activities the same day.


On your mark. Get set. Walk! Our team works with you to make sure everything runs smoothly, by providing both ideas and support.

Walking Champion

Our Suffolk on the Move Coordinator works closely with one person within your organization who will be the internal coordinator and cheerleader. With assistance, they’ll head up the program and report results.


Recognition and rewards increase participation and long-term success. We help you develop a meaningful rewards program.


We’ll provide training, pedometers, tracking boards and follow-up.

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